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Life Planning that encompasses ALL elements of wealth

What is Holistic Wealth Advising? 

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Florin was created for the sole purpose of helping families achieve their dreams.

We look at every aspect of our clients' circumstances. We care about what affects the families well-being. When we say holistic, we mean the "whole" of the plan. Our clients are what drive us to learn and develop better strategies every day. In a perfect world, every family has support, huge savings, no taxes, and no catastrophic events.

The reality is parents grow old, get sick, and need care. Spouses may pass away suddenly. Opportunities for new homes, new jobs, vacations, and new things like cars, boats or airplanes happen when least expected. Every situation has possibilities.

We help widows stabilize from a sudden loss. We understand the complexities of government retiree planning. We guide spouses through a divorce and the complicated financial split that comes with it. We assist with a wide variety of referral issues such as needing an attorney for wills and trusts, power of attorney, and other legal matters. We have relationships with many high-quality realtors, CPA's with knowledge in personal and/or business finances, and dozens of other referral alliances, we call Strategic Alliances. 

What sets us apart from the rest, is we focus on the entire picture and not a specialized snapshot. Whatever your need, we here at Florin are committed to searching out the answers and providing a solution that is good for the present and the future.

We thrive on all types of planning from the simple to the complex and believe there are always options.