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​​Florin Group 


Florin was the name given to a type of gold coin first issued from the Republic of Florence in AD 1252.  

They were struck in gold from AD 1252 to 1533 by the Republic of Florence, a city-state in modern-day Tuscany, Italy. This coin (or ones very similar) became the dominant monetary denomination of Western Europe 

The design of the original Florentine florins was the distinctive fleur-de-lis badge of the city on one side and on the other a standing and facing figure of St. John the Baptist wearing a hair shirt.


Behind ​


Florin Group was created to provide the best quality service for the financial needs of clients, using a Total Family Centered approach to achieve  financial utopia. We go above the average one dimensional structure most common in finance to a three dimensional view, building a solid foundation for security and peace of mind. We give families the understanding and power to make quality decisions about their present and future, opening the choices and options available for them.


As the creator and managing partner of Florin Group, Tracy Shen has spent her career learning and developing strategies from her own multi-generation family experiences and found there was a missing link between financial planning knowledge and implementation of those plans for the people needing them. Using her extensive experience, Tracy developed a process and built the concepts and opened Florin Group with the focus on providing clients with the best personal plan for their circumstances. Utilizing a team focused approach to empower clients by actively participating in the process.​

we  are holistic Advisors

your family, your work, your portfolio, your life.

INDEPENDENT WITH A TOTAL FAMILY CENTERED SERVICE APPROACH.  Florin Group is an independently owned comprehensive financial services firm that takes a personal approach to helping its clients succeed.

MULTI-GENERATIONAL PLANNING. We guide families through all phases of life planning. We design and implement the strategies that best suit the families as they move through the life stages, supporting, reviewing and modifying as needs and goals evolve.

ETHICAL AND FOCUSED.  We are an RIA firm with Fiduciary standards acting in the best interest of the clients.

THE PRIMARY CONCERN - OUR CLIENT.  Our business is not just concerned with managing money and assets. We are transparent and want the client to have a full understanding of what we are doing and why.  The clients must understand the options that affect their financial future.

SERVICE ORIENTED. We treat our clients with the utmost respect. We listen, and we ensure that their financial goals are attained through impeccable, personalized service, where interactions and records are maintained in the strictest of confidence.