Our oaths


HOLISTIC (LIFE PLANNING THAT ENCOMPASSES ALL ELEMENTS OF WEALTH). We look at every aspect of our clients' circumstances no matter how simple or complex. We care about what affects the families’ well-being. When we say holistic, we mean the "whole" of the plan.

What sets us apart from the rest, is we focus on the entire picture and not a specialized snapshot. We go above the average one-dimensional structure most common in finance to a three-dimensional view, building a solid foundation for security and peace of mind.


INDEPENDENT. Florin Group is an independently owned RIA firm with Fiduciary standards and AIF designation. We are transparent and want the client to have a full understanding of what we are doing and why.


KINDNESS. We treat our clients with the utmost respect. We listen, and we ensure that their financial goals are attained through impeccable, personalized service, where interactions and records are maintained in the strictest of confidence. We give families the understanding and power to make quality decisions about their present and future, opening the choices and options available for them.


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