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We Are Inclusive

Many families approach Florin Group because they need help growing and managing their wealth, as well as passing it on to future generations. We believe that a family’s mutually-held beliefs and priorities should provide the foundation for defining the purpose of wealth and resulting family goals. We work with you and your family to help identify your individual and shared values and develop a Family Success Plan, designed to keep you informed and organized throughout your financial life.

Florin Group is dedicated to serving successful, affluent, and ultra-affluent individuals and families around The United States and even around the world. 

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Multi-generational Families

We specialize in planning for multi-generational families. Some need planning for retirement, or have inherited family trusts, large estates, or possibly legal or divorce settlements. 

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Women In Transition

We offer unbiased and objective advice for woman, whose wealth may be the result of an inheritance, business success, or loss of a spouse through death or divorce. 

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Business Owners

A number of our clients are CEOs and business owners of privately held businesses, as well as entrepreneurs.

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Many of our clients are high level executives, who have generated their wealth from careers in technology, legal, medical, or entertainment.

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