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Always keep improving and be self aware, though with a smile. We are not perfect. Do not be afraid to grow. If you’re afraid of something. You HAVE to do it or else you stop growth and you will not achieve the life of your dreams.
— Rob Moorman

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: Thai Red Curry

Favorite Sweet: Moist Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Icing and maybe even a strawberry cream cheese layer in the middle

Favorite Movie: Signs

Favorite Book: Big Magic

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things

One Item Off My Bucket List: Take a trip around the world specifically to ride the best roller coasters in the world


Marketing Manager

Florin welcomed Rob in Jan 2013.  Rob comes from a large family of 5 siblings and is extremely connected with his family, grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.  His father passed away when he was 18 and he learned first hand about cancer and medicare.  His special relationship with his grandma helped him learn about geriatric care and assisted care living.  He is always giving his family and relatives a helping hand.  

Rob began as an Operations Assistant and quickly learned how to take on any project and master it. He rose quickly to becoming an Operation Manager in assisting day-to-day operations including life insurance underwriting, paperwork processing, data tracking, and employee managing.   His passion in creativity and efficiency helped Florin with original back office procedures and processes.  He has now transition to working on Florin's marketing and media projects to reach the multi-generation populations, especially adult kids who are taking care of their parents.  

Robert distinguished himself as an extremely welcoming, creative, resilient, detail-oriented, and passionate learner. He is Florin’s superhero in making sure marketing ideas are implemented.  He spends his free time on the piano, singing, and writing music.  He has performed in numerous professional theater venues such as at the Kennedy Center, the Warner Theater, and Signature Theater and has even appeared in TV shows like Gotham and Mr. Robot. 

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