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In 2012, we set out to create a holistic wealth advising firm that would bring each client on their own unique journey to financial success!

We began our journey by creating a family firm to help clients have their own “Family-topia.” Our definition of “Family-topia” is a happy place where compassion and understanding prosper when dealing with finances between generations. It is also a place where there is kindness, guidance, and caring when dealing with families on making decisions that are right for them.

Every family comes with unique nuances, backgrounds, and challenges. It is our vision to help improve our clients’ and their family’s lives every time they meet with us. It is our calling to help them be the best that they can be and to reach their financial potentials!

We believe that everyone’s journey is unique and special and that a sense of family is the key to financial success. We believe every multi-generational family out there deserves a team of fiduciary advisors who can guide and mentor them through this complicated world of information and options. We will be your trusted friend to turn to for everything financial.

The Florin Group team of Guides have all come from giving family backgrounds where assisting family members with financial situations and taking care of parents/grandparents are a privilege. Our value of family first is held to the highest esteem by all of us here at Florin Group, no matter how big or small the challenge is.

For example: My in-laws lived with me for almost fifteen years. This situations inspired me to develop new ways of navigating financial planning across generations. We have found that accumulation strategies are vastly different from distribution strategies. If proper strategies are not put in place, then money does not last for future generations. We give a clear road map specific to each family and help them navigate the obstacles and challenges that they face.

We truly believe that given the right guidance, information, and resources, every family can be the best they can be and achieve all their dreams and goals. We believe every family can live the happy and joyful life that they dream to live.

Warmest Regards,

Tracy K. Shen




Florin was the name of a type of gold coin first issued by the Republic of Florence in AD 1252.

The design of the original Florentine Florins was the distinctive fleur-de-lis badge of the city on one side and on the other, a standing figure of St. John the Baptist. This coin was the first European gold coin to play a significant commercial role around the world. The success was due in part of the great Medici dynasty bankers. They turned Florence into an international powerhouse by innovating banking products to help finance commerce around the world with their sophisticated banking system.

The Medici family ruled for 500 years and was charitable to the poor. They spent considerable wealth on charitable acts and were also patronage to many famous artists like Donatello, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelanglo during the Renaissance period.

Florin Group represents the vision to help multi-generation families retain their wealth for generations and continue the legacy of the first generation family. Our vision is also to help families work together and to make a difference in the world we live in.

This will be our legacy.

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