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Starry Sky

Angela Zhang

Client Relationship Associate, FPQP®




“Big things often have small beginnings!”

A Bit About Me

Angela joined the Florin Family in 2020. She is originally from China and came to the U.S. by herself in 2012. Angela is the only child in her small family and is extremely close to them. Spending a lot of time with her parents and grandparents was the happiest time of her childhood. It allowed her to develop a more positive and optimistic attitude towards life.  


She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business English in China before coming to the U.S as an exchange student. While deciding her future, she realized that she always had a special connection with children. Therefore, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education as a part-time student at Marymount University. Throughout her 8 years of teaching, she became very familiar with different types of children, especially when they come to her with questions for guidance.


Angela is extremely passionate about educating clients and their children about financial literacy. She is also extremely detail-oriented and works to maximize back office operation efficiencies.


Angela loves to spend her spare time with her family, especially with her youngest child. As a mom, she completely understands the importance of having patience. She is eager to help our clients!

Fun Facts

Favorite Food

Chinese Hotpot

Favorite Color

Sky Blue

Favorite Movie

The Secret

Favorite Sweet

Iced Matcha Latte

Favorite Book

The Book of Forgiving

One Item on My Bucket List

Meet Jay Chou in Person

Favorite TV Show

Any Mystery Series

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