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College Savings

Supporting Education for Every Generation

College funds ensure the next generation in your family is open to a world of education possibilities.

Your entire family can work together to make that happen.


College Funds

According to the College Board, a four-year degree at a public college costs an average of $37,640 (for in-state tuition). The costs go up substantially for a private college. A four-year degree from a private college costs an eye-popping $129,640. And that’s just an average!


The earlier you start a 529 college savings plan for your children, the better. Grandparents, aunts and uncles can contribute as well. We’ll discuss what works best for your family, including the possibility of creating legacies from grandparents.


Financial Education

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about college students running up credit card debt and bouncing checks. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to your children when they head off for college.


In the year before college, we’ll meet with your child to ensure they are financially savvy. We’ll help them create budgets, understand how and why to build good credit and discuss common financial mistakes to avoid. If we can help them build smart financial habits early, they will be well prepared for the future.

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