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Congratulations on Completing the Medicare Planning Process with Mike Wingfield! 

Now What?

Let's make sure you are maximizing your income and minimizing your taxes so your money will last throughout your retirement.


Which Distribution Strategies are the Best for My Family and I? 

Distribution strategies are strategies that aim to maximize your income. We help you decide which tax buckets to pull money from at different periods in your life. When we say "buckets," we mean tax deferred, tax free, and taxable. 

In choosing to pull money from the appropriate bucket at the appropriate time, we make sure your money lasts throughout the rest of your life. 


What Should I Do if I am Living on a Limited Amount of Social Security Income?

If you have a 401k, you may not realize that you have required minimum distribution at age 73, so sometimes we want to map out a strategy based on when is the best time to use the 401k to supplement our current income.

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